Advisory Committee

The Duke Forest Advisory Committee consists of faculty members and administrators from a cross-section of disciplines across the University.  The committee provides advice and direction both in general terms for the Forest’s future and with reference to specific problems and issues.  The committee is chaired by the dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment and meets on an irregular basis, normally at the request of the Forest Director.

Duke Forest Advisory Committee Members 

(as of June 2018)

Jeff Vincent, Interim Dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment, Chair

Norm Christensen, Professor of Ecology and Founding Dean of the Nicholas School

Dan Richter, Professor of Soils and Forest Ecology, Nicholas School of the Environment

Pat Halpin, Gabel Associate Professor of the Practice of Marine Geospatial Ecology, Nicholas School of the Environment

Nicki Cagle, Lecturer in Environmental Science & Policy, Nicholas School of the Environment

Sari Palmroth, Associate Research Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment

Neal Flanagan, Assistant Professor, Duke Wetland Center, Nicholas School of the Environment

Bill LeFevre, Director, Sarah P. Duke Gardens

David Singleton, Associate University Counsel

Eliza Mathew, Senior Program Coordinator of Education Initiatives, Office of Durham and Regional Affairs

Edward Balleisen, Professor, History Department, and Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies

Justin Wright, Associate Professor of Biological Diversity, Biology Department

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