Shepherd Nature Trail Tour 2019

Director Sara Childs leading a tour at the Shepherd Nature Trail

On Saturday October 12th at 9.a.m. Duke Forest staff will lead an “official” tour of the Shepherd Nature Trail, a beautiful .8 mile interpretive trail in the Durham Division. The SNT is the best introduction to the the Duke Forest. Learn about the forestry practices we use to manage the… Read More

ESSP 2019 Gallery

Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke’s Professor Nicki Cagle’s Environmental Science Summer Program was held in August 2019. These pictures are from a day of exploring New Hope Creek in the Korstian Division searching for macro-invertebrates, to assess water quality. Learn more about ESSP and Dr. Cagle. Read More

In their own words: Joanna Blaszczak

Joanna Blaszczak

We are always excited to see publication of research coming out of the Duke Forest. In June, Duke Forest staff were excited to see the announcement of publication for important water quality research from the Bernhardt lab at Duke Biology. From the June edition of the academic journal Biogeochemistry the… Read More

Herpetofauna of the Duke Forest Session 1 – Recap

by Barb Dietsch, Herpetofauna of the DUke Forest Volunteer Lead Season 1 of the Duke Forest Citizen Science Herpetofauna Program has seen two significant species trends: One trend is the abundant numbers of Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) of both color morphs, red-back and lead-back, found in March. A salamander of… Read More