Duke Origins: Duke Forest

BY DUKE TODAY STAFF Originally posted here Founded in July 1931 as the demonstration lands for the Duke School of Forestry, the Duke Forest has become Duke’s biggest and oldest laboratory and outdoor classroom with its 7,100 acres of teaching and research lands stretching across Durham, Orange, and Alamance Counties.… Read More

A Forethought for Research

One of the things that makes the Duke Forest so special is that researchers have been studying it for decades. The incredible forethought of Dr. Clarence Korstian, the first director, to establish and study 87 permanent sample plots (PSPs) cannot be overstated. The life cycle of forests is slow. Studying… Read More

Stereo Photography Fun in the Duke Forest

You probably remember staring hard at the ‘Magic Eye’ images as a child. If you followed the instructions and relaxed your eyes in just the right way, the complex colorful patterns printed in newspapers and kids’ magazines would reveal dazzling three dimensional shapes above or underneath the patterns. These images… Read More