Shepherd Nature Trail

Located along Hwy 751 in the Duke Forest’s Durham Division, the Shepherd Nature Trail offers a short, self-guided hike and provides a wonderful introduction to the Duke Forest.  Throughout the 0.8 mile loop, you encounter signage that considers the natural patterns and human activities that have shaped the Forest’s past and present.  Each sign offers an opportunity to discover the changing Forest and consider your role in its transformation. For more information about the restoration of this trail, please click here.

Independence Tree

The Independence Tree, blown down in Hurricane Fran in 1996, shows significant dates in American history in its tree rings–as far back as the American revolution.

SNT sign

One of the many interpretive signs along the Shepherd Nature Trail

Directions to the trail

Head west along Cameron Blvd/Hwy 751.  Pass under the 15-501 bridge and travel straight through the roundabout.  Look for the Shepherd Nature Trail sign and Gate C, approximately 1 mile past the roundabout, on your right.  Parking is available along the graveled road shoulder.  The trailhead is just a short walk past the gate and up the hill.  Alternatively, use this link to generate directions: Google Map Link

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