Stand Highlight: C72 Longleaf Pine

From the The Evolution of Forest Stands Through Photos series

Volunteer Photography Corps Project (P22-115)

Photographer and Scribe: Paul Travis []

Volunteer Photographer and former forester Paul Travis took on multiple projects to document some stands in the Duke Forest Teaching and Research Laboratory that are ecologically significant or important for their unique silvicultural history. These pages can be used as a teaching resource for visiting classes to learn about natural resource management, forestry & silviculture, forest succession, or other related topics. Please remember to submit a teaching registration before heading out on the Forest. This particular project is ongoing, and will be updated periodically.

Resource Contents:

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  1. Introduction
  2. Location
  3. Background
  4. History & Silviculture: Timeline
  5. History & Silviculture: Basic Silvics
  6. Photo Gallery and Manifest
  7. References

1. Introduction | 2. Location | 3. Background | 4. H&S: Timeline | 5. H&S: Basic Silvics | 6. Photos | 7. References

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