Forest Sustainability – Regeneration After a Managed Harvest


The sites were visited multiple times over the 1 year period and multiple cameras and lenses were used for the photographs. Panorama images were created to provide a wider view and detail shots were provided of wildflowers, regeneration, etc. Image processing was done with Adobe Lightroom and Topaz DeNoiseAI with minimal adds/deletes in order to capture current state.

Key Check-in Dates:

  • October 2021 – Harvest was underway
  • December 2021 – Review of the site after harvest and clean-up
  • April 2022 – Spring check-in
  • July, August, Sept 2022 – tracking the site progress as forest succession is underway


1. Introduction | 2. Location | 3. Background | 4. Methods | 5. Photo Gallery & Manifest

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