Teaching Registration

All teaching activities that occur in the Duke Forest must be registered and approved in order to track use of the Forest but more importantly, to avoid conflicts between other teaching, research, and management activities.

Reportable activities include, but are not limited to: field trips, lab activities, proposed projects, student research projects, and uses that do not require entry into the Forest (such as case studies and remote sensing/GIS-based research).

You may submit your registration online using the form below, or you may download a PDF that can be sent the Office of the Duke Forest.  You should receive an approval within 7 days of your submission.

Download Form (pdf)

Teaching Registration Form

  • By registering this teaching activity, you and the professors/instructors and/or the activity you represent agree that you have read, understood, and will follow the Guidelines for Academic Use of the Duke Forest: Teaching Activities. These Guidelines should be shared with any participants in charge of or assisting with the teaching activity that will occur within the Duke Forest.

  •   Activity is observational
      Activity alters the site (burning; destructive sampling; etc.)
      Activity is compatible with other uses in same location
      Activity requires exclusive use

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