Duke Forest practices sustainable timber management, which promotes habitat diversity that benefits both research projects and wildlife.  Few realize, however, that it also provides a majority, but not all, of the operating revenue for the Forest.  University support and a mix of other small revenue streams make up the difference.  But additional support from private contributions allow us to focus on special projects that would otherwise go unfunded.  A great example is the Korstian Trail Project – an effort to both protect biodiversity and improve recreation.

Private contributions to the Duke Forest Improvement Fund allow us to:

  • expand our environmental education programs for the public,
  • better maintain our network of foot trails, and
  • improve management and protection of our significant natural areas

If you enjoy the many benefits that the Forest provides, we hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution.  Gifts can be targeted towards a variety of specific needs.

To donate:



For questions regarding additional giving opportunities, please contact the office.