Info for Teachers

Thank you for considering the Duke Forest for your teaching activities!  We welcome all educators and their students, but before you host an activity, please contact the Office of the Duke Forest to discuss the specifics of the event (call 919-613-8013 or email

Process for initiating teaching activities on the Duke Forest

  1. Read about the Guidelines
    Read the Guidelines for Teaching Use in the Duke Forest.
  2. Contact Us
    Contact the Office of the Duke Forest to discuss the specifics of the activity/event (call 919-613-8013 or email
  3. Register
    Register your teaching activity once the details have been worked out and a date confirmed.  Registering is critical to prevent conflicts between projects and management and to document the value of the Forest as a teaching resource.
  4. Await Approval
    Await your Teaching Approval.  Duke Forest Staff promptly reviews your Teaching Registration and provides you with a Teaching Approval form, which is the green light to begin your activities in the Forest.  The approval form may have additional conditions that are specific to the site or proposed activities.
  5. Begin
    Begin your work and remember that Duke Forest Staff are available for support.
  6. Submit Annual Report (on request)
    Submit an annual Teaching Report about your activities on the Forest upon request.
  7. Register New Activities
    Register any new teaching activities that are outside of the time frame and/or scope of the details provided in your other teaching registration.

Other important information:

Guidelines & Safety: Please review our guidelines and safety considerations
Access & Parking:
 Information on how to access the Forest and where to park
Resources: Learn about the resources available to teachers (under construction)
 A listing of potential teaching facilities on the Forest
Available Data: Data available to teachers and researchers

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