Info for ROTC Instructors

Special Notice: COVID-19 related health precautions, including wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing (>6 feet) to the greatest extent possible, should be followed while conducting teaching or research activities in the Duke Forest.  Teaching and research users should also comply with all departmental and/or institutional guidelines as it applies to field-based teaching and research activities.  To learn more about Duke’s response to this global pandemic, visit:

Please read the procedure below for more information on how to host a ROTC training activity at the Edeburn or Korstian Divisions of the Duke Forest.  To gain approval for use, you must follow all the steps in the order they are presented below. 

PLEASE NOTE: This process should be completed by a ROTC instructor (not a cadet) at least 5 days ahead of the proposed training activity. Instructors must complete a site visit with Duke Forest staff prior to initiating this process if they have not used the Duke Forest for training before. To set-up a site visit, please email  

  1. Confirm the availability of your training date(s): Contact the Office of the Duke Forest via phone (919-613-8013) or email ( to check availability of the Edeburn or Korstian Divisions on the dates you wish to train.
  2. Read, fill-out, and sign the ROTC Guidelines after confirming availability and return a signed copy to the Office by email (
  3. Use the ROTC Training Areas Map to identify authorized areas within the Edeburn or Korstian Divisions and the locations where the Warning Signs must be posted: The training areas map and the warning sign template will be sent to you after you confirm availability.  Please pay particular attention to authorized paintball locations and property buffers.  Please modify the sign to properly identify your unit.
  4. Register the details of your event using the online form below. Once you have confirmed the date, read and returned the guidelines, you may register the details of your training online through our website.
  5. Await an approval letter from the Office of the Duke Forest: You are not allowed to use the Edeburn or Korstian Divisions of the Duke Forest without first receiving an approval from the Office. You should carry this approval with you at all times while you are on the Forest.
  6. On the day of the training, post the warning signs in the appropriate locations and carry the approval letter with you in the field. If training extends past sunset or does not begin until after sunset, make the necessary phone calls to the Duke Police and Orange County Sheriff.


Other important information:

Guidelines & Safety: Please review our guidelines and safety considerations
Access & Parking:
Information on how to access the Forest and where to park
Resources: Learn about the resources available to teachers
A listing of potential teaching facilities on the Forest
Available Data: Data available to teachers and researchers

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