The Duke Forest comprises over 7,000 acres of land in Durham, Orange, and Alamance counties across six divisions and one protected natural area.  Public access is available via gated entrances in all 6 divisions.  For authorized recreation locations and detailed road and trail information, please download a set of Duke Forest Recreation maps.

Locator Map (click on image below for a larger version)


The Duke Forest Teaching and Research Laboratory has no parking. Typically, people park near the forest gates alongside the road in the NCDOT right of way. Please hide, secure, or take with you all valuables. Car break-ins are always a possibility.

Before heading out to the Duke Forest, please read out Regulations and Safety Considerations.

Campus Office

The Duke Forest Office is located on Duke’s West Campus in Suite A233 of the LSRC. Visitors should contact the Duke Forest Office (919-613-8013) before stopping by to ensure that a staff member will be available and to check the availability of the Duke Forest parking space.

Directions to Duke’s West Campus

Directions to/from Reserved Parking Space

Alternate Parking in Duke’s Bryan Center Deck

Alternate Parking in Metered Lot on Circuit/Lasalle

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