Mountain Biking

RE_biking_19Feb15Over thirty miles of forest roads are available for biking in the Duke Forest, but cyclists must be mindful of other recreational users including the presence of horses and dogs.  The Duke Forest does not contain dirt trails suitable for biking and such use is strictly forbidden.


Please observe the following guidelines for mountain biking in the Duke Forest:

  1. Enter the Forest at gated roads only.  They are marked by green posts with white lettering.  Do not cross the property of other landowners.
  2. Ride only on existing graded roads.  They are marked at the beginning by brown signs with white lettering.  Do not pioneer a new trail or make a shortcut through the woods.  Some roads may be closed because of sensitive environmental concerns or conflicts with teaching and research areas.  Do not use single-track footpaths.
  3. Leave no trace.  Be sensitive to the condition of the road, do not ride on roads shortly after a rain, and practice low impact cycling.
  4. Control your bicycle. Inattention for even a second can result in an accident. Excessive speed or carelessness can threaten the safety of other recreational users.
  5. Always yield the road. Make your approach known well in advance.  A friendly greeting or a bell is considerate and works well.  Anticipate that other road users may be around corners or in blind spots.
  6. Never spook animals.  Wild and domestic animals may be startled by an unannounced approach, sudden movements, or loud noises.  This can be dangerous to you, others, and the animals.  Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you.When passing horses, cyclists should use special care and follow the directions of the horseback rider (ask if you are uncertain).  When approaching a horseback rider from the front, dismount and walk your bike around them until out of sight, or at least 100 feet.  When approaching from behind, stop, get the rider to notice you and then proceed on foot around the horse.
  7. Plan ahead. Know and maintain your equipment.  Become familiar with the area in which you are riding and act accordingly.

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