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The DUKE FOREST is owned and managed by Duke University.  It consists of over 7,000 acres of forested land and open fields in Durham, Orange, and Alamance counties.  It has been managed for teaching and research purposes since 1931.  The MISSION of the forest is to facilitate research that addresses fundamental and applied questions concerning forested and aquatic ecosystems and to aid in the instruction of students so that they will be informed citizens and effective stewards of our natural resources.  The MANAGEMENT of the forest is guided by a comprehensive plan that promotes the Forest’s academic mission while ensuring the protection of its natural resources.  The DUKE FOREST also provides education and outreach through tours and volunteer events and serves as an outdoor recreation destination for the local community. 

To read our latest annual news bulletin, which provides a great overview of what the Duke Forest is all about, click here.  For some quick fun facts about the Duke Forest, click here, and for announcements about management or other activities that may affect normal use of the forest, click here.