In their own words: Joanna Blaszczak

Joanna Blaszczak

We are always excited to see publication of research coming out of the Duke Forest. In June, Duke Forest staff were excited to see the announcement of publication for important water quality research from the Bernhardt lab at Duke Biology. From the June edition of the academic journal Biogeochemistry the… Read More

Herpetofauna of the Duke Forest Session 1 – Recap

by Barb Dietsch, Herpetofauna of the DUke Forest Volunteer Lead Season 1 of the Duke Forest Citizen Science Herpetofauna Program has seen two significant species trends: One trend is the abundant numbers of Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) of both color morphs, red-back and lead-back, found in March. A salamander of… Read More

Volunteer Cookout August 8th

Duke Forest Volunteers… Please join us on August 8th for a volunteer cookout in the Duke Forest! Since last summer, we have had more volunteers on the Duke Forest than ever before. Our volunteers have helped move our teaching and research mission forward and helped us rebuild and maintain our… Read More

Upcoming Thinning and Edeburn Division Closure

Map showing Edeburn Division closure

UPDATE 7/31/19: The Edeburn Division is closed Thursday August 1st until thinning operation is complete. We will announce the reopening via our newsletter and social media. Beginning sometime in July, timber management operations will commence in the Edeburn Division. Recently renamed for our beloved Judd Edeburn, this division is just… Read More

Summer Management Interns

3 Forestry interns

We are thrilled to have a stellar management intern team working with us this summer. Matt Brantley and Colin Carroll (left and center in image, respectively), are Masters of Forestry students in the Nicholas School of the Environment. Trevor Franklin (pictured on the right) joins us from NC State University… Read More

10 -Year Forest Inventory Ongoing this Summer

Every ten years, Duke Forest performs a forest inventory to ensure that we are responsibly managing the Forest over time. The inventory focuses on measuring tree volume, growth, and regeneration, but it also allows us to collect data on issues that might be affecting the Forest such as invasive plant… Read More

Duke Students on the Forest: Matt Brantley

Matt Vrantley with forever Duke Award

Forever Duke Award Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Graduate Assistant and Master of Forestry candidate Matt Brantley on being awarded the Forever Duke Student Leadership Award. We are so proud of all Matt has accomplished while here at Duke and at the Nicholas School. We have received so much from his… Read More

Duke Students on the Forest: Monika Dharia

Protecting the Duke Forest Advised by Dr. Mark Borsuk and doctoral student Jonathan Holt from the Pratt School of Engineering, Duke undergraduate environmental engineering student Monika Dharia conducted a major project on the Duke Forest for her senior thesis and in order to graduate with distinction from Duke. Monika modeled… Read More

Duke Students on the Forest: Engineering first-years

Engineering first-years build mast collector Under the supervision of Biomedical Engineering Professor Ann Saterback and Duke Forest Director Sara Childs, first-year Duke engineering students Jin Cho, Jack Horton, Tommy Howell, Jenny Xin, and Leo Young, designed (fall semester) and modified (spring semester) a mast collection device to sort falling mast… Read More