Resources for Researchers

Project Assistance

Duke Forest staff members are available to assist researchers in both site establishment and management. Contact the Office of the Duke Forest to discuss your specific needs (call 919-613-8013 or email

  • Stand management: Contact the Forest office for stand manipulations such as thinning, prescribed burning, and forest stand establishment. Research field areas can be mowed, disked, or planted using in-house equipment.
  • Utility hookups: Depending on the site location, utilities such as electricity and phone lines can be made available.
  • Global positioning system (GPS): Plot/study areas can be located using our global positioning system (GPS) units and custom geographic information system (GIS) based maps can be constructed for research projects.

Available Data

The Office of the Duke Forest maintains a comprehensive collection of datasets, maps, and records that are available upon request. Please review our Available Data page.

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