Good Leashes Make Good Neighbors: Dogs in the Duke Forest

Collage of dogs on leashes

This spring you may see Duke Forest staff and interns out at popular spots in the Forest educating recreational users about our teaching and research mission and about how off-leash dogs (and uncollected dog poo) are detrimental to that important mission. Keeping dogs on-leash and in control is also vital to making sure every recreational user, researcher, staff member, and canine companion feels safe within the Duke Forest. 

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Did you know? 

There is research ongoing in ALL SIX divisions of the Duke Forest. Some of our sensitive research areas like our spring ephemeral observation sites— which are often right along the roads and trails—have been directly damaged by roaming dogs.

We know your dogs love the Duke Forest. So do ours! And while every dog (and human!) likes to run wild every now and again, the truth is, they really love to be on a leash, close to you—their favorite person in the world. Just see the happy pups on-leash above (clockwise: Moose, Atlas, Razputin, and Bodhi) whose owners used the #dfgoodleashes hashtag on Instagram. We thank these owners for their “coop-paw-ration”.

Like these pet owners, you can help us this spring and summer too by keeping your dog on a leash and in control when you are in the Duke Forest. Please also collect dog poo in bags and remove it from the Forest.

Remember: The Duke Forest is more than just the woods. It’s the outdoor classroom and living laboratory in your backyard. Help us steward this awesome resource!

@durham_dingo_scout (pictured) from Instagram

Read more about enjoying Duke Forest with your dog ››

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