Stand Highlight: C72 Longleaf Pine

History & Silviculture (the shaping of the forest)

The timeline:

1934The future Longleaf plantation site was farmland.
1935The original planting of Longleaf Pine seedlings. Seedlings were obtained from the NC State Nursery in Clayton, NC (Pender Co.) and were 1-0 (1 year in nursery) stock 5” to 8” in size.  The seedlings provided had poor, short roots which impacted stand progression.  The original planting was 8,350 seedlings in a 7×7 spacing. Planting method was crew use of a planting iron.
1937Planting maintenance (re-planting due to the root issues on the original stock) & cleaning to release pine (eliminating competition). 4,940 additional seedlings were planted as replacements. Seedling stock was provided by the Soil Conservation Service. A second planting of an additional 275 was done one month after the initial 1937 planting due to additional planting failures with the earlier 1937 planting.
1938planting maintenance with an additional 4800 seedlings planted due to poor survival in the 1937 planting due to what is believed to be overheating of the 1937 stock in transit.
1944Cleaning to release pine. With Longleaf being a shade intolerant species, eliminating competition is key.
1960, 1961, 1962, 1965Thinning for pulpwood.
1989, 1990Thinning for sawlogs & pulpwood
2001Thinning for sawlogs & pulpwood
2002, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2018, 2021Prescribed burns
NextContinue the management plan, additional thinning and prescribed burns will be executed.

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