Stand Highlight: C72 Longleaf Pine

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Duke Forest note: The images below are all from Paul Travis in 2022, except for the noted ones from 1950 and 2018 from the Duke Forest archives. Click to enlarge. Higher resolution pictures available here.

Photography Manifest

#Photo file nameDate TakenComments and additional details
1Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Silviculture C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022This stand was established in 1935 to test the viability of Longleaf Pine in the Duke Forest, the most NW corner of the natural range.
2Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Sandy Soil [Sept 2022].jpg2022A site with sandy soil was chosen based on the preferred site conditions for the pine.
3Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine History C72 [1950 – Duke Archives 1351]1950A 1950 photo from the Duke archives highlighting the 15 year progression of the stand.
4Ptravis_P22_115_Loblolly and Longleaf Pines C51 [1950 – Duke Archives 1358]1950A photo from Compartment 51 highlighting similar plantings and differences between a Longleaf stand [Pinus palustris] and the neighboring Loblolly stand [Pinus taeda].
5Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Stand C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022The entrance to the stand via the Palustris Fire Trail.
6Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine View C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022A view from the recent harvest area in C72 that borders on the Longleaf Pine stand.
7Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Longleaf Pine, needles, 8 to 18 inches in length, in clusters of three.
8Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf vs Loblolly C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022The cones of Longleaf are noticeably larger than Loblolly.
9Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Understory – NextGen [Sept 2022].jpg2022Seedlings for Longleaf are established in the understory and demonstrate characteristics compatibility with a fire ecosystem.
10Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Canopy C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Tall trees seeking the sun.
11Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Forest Floor C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Understory has a forest floor cover of initial bush and weed species, minimal Longleaf seedlings.
12Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Fire Mgt [2018 – Duke Archives 2093]2018Fire is a key management tool for Longleaf stands. Eliminates competition and prepares the seedbed for Longleaf seed establishment.
13Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Burn [2018 Duke Archives 2073]2018Longleaf Pine is highly tolerant to fire as long as fuel content of understory is not excessively high.
14Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Prescribed Burn [2018 – Duke Archives 2111]2018Fire as a management tool.
15Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Pano C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Typical Longleaf forest floor with grasses and pine duff.
16Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Flowering Floor Hyssopleaf Thoroughwort [Eupatorium hyssopifolium] C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Initial forest floor can include pioneer species with wildflowers.
17Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf American Burnwood [Erechtites hieraciifolia] C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022The view from the C72 harvest area towards the longleaf stand with typical American Burnwood establishment in cut over area.
18Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Cones & Grass C72 [Aug 2022]2022Typical Longleaf Pine forest floor with grasses and cones.
19Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Stand View C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Overview photo of the Longleaf stand.
20Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Understory – Cicada Nymph [Sept 2022].jpg2022The Longleaf stand supports numerous insect populations. Some insects, like Pine Bark Beetle can cause tree damage over time.
21Ptravis_P22_115_Tree Lizard [Sept 2022].jpg2022The Longleaf stand supports other wildlife like the Tree Lizard.
22Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Burn Chunk C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Evidence of prescribed burning.
23Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Understory – Sweetgum [Sept 2022].jpg2022Some typical tree species, like Sweetgum, have found their way to the forest floor.
24Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Palustris FT C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022The Palustris fire trail is used to help manage the prescribed burns on the Longleaf stand.
25Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Stand View_2 C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022Typical view of the Longleaf Pine stand.
26Ptravis_P22_115_Longleaf Pine Canopy_2 C72 [Aug 2022].jpg2022The trees reach for the light.

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